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  • Jonas Masetti

    Jonas Masetti

    Professor Tradicional de Vedanta, formado pelo Swami Dayananda em internato de 3 anos na Índia. “O estudo tradicional invariavelmente mudará a sua vida.”

  • Patricia Cadete

    Patricia Cadete

    Employer Branding Manager at Feedzai

  • Beatriz Malveiro

    Beatriz Malveiro

    Data visualization engineer @feedzai. Skater for @LisbonGrrrls.

  • Eduardo Vedes

    Eduardo Vedes

    Frontend Developer (React/Redux), Software Engineer, freeCodeCamp Evangelist, Husband and father of three beautiful Daughters | Geek by default

  • José Sousa

    José Sousa

  • Feedzai Techblog

    Feedzai Techblog

    Every once and a while, a group of fraudengineers and data zaientists get together and write about software engineering, data science and other cool stuff.

  • HYP


  • Victor Fernandes

    Victor Fernandes

    <FrontendEng at="feedzai" src="https://victorfern91.github.io" />

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